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Over 30 years ago, you made me a pair of hard plastic orthotics as a treatment for leg pain. I’m happy to tell you that I’ve worn them everyday and they’ve contributed to my very active lifestyle. I walk at least five miles per day and in my former professional life as an obstetrician/gynecologist I stood for more than 8 hours per day. I can’t imagine living without them.

-Bonnie S

"Dr. Steve is the best. He is so different than the typical doctor! He is generous with his time--considerate and compassionate. One of the last remaining "good guys" in medicine. I cannot recommend him enough!"

-Steven M

After seeing numerous doctors for Mortons Neuroma, having useless painful steroid shots in my toe, told the only way is surgery, wearing ugly shoes, owning boxes of every foot pad on the market, I had one last try....Dr. Rosenberg. It has been almost 3 weeks and for the first time in 4 years I have had not a single day of pain. I can get out of bed and stand on that foot with no pain. I cannot believe it and am so very, very grateful. He treated it in various ways, all painless. I spent two hours yesterday where he placed the Dr. Rosenberg Instant Arches, carefully and strategically in every pair of shoes. They are not like any over the counter stuff one buys. These are absolute magic! The best thing that happened is that I wore a pair of stilettos last week and actually danced in them...for hours! He is punctual, very attentive and I have learned more in my two visits about my foot issues, then I have reading on the web or seeing other doctors. If you don't know about the Dr. Rosenberg Instant Arches, then you should help easy your pain and buy them. Thank you Dr. Rosenberg for changing my life and avoiding surgery. My husband and friends are now planning to see him for other foot issues. He is all about pain management.

-Sarah D

"My daughter had an ingrown toenail and was only in town for a few days Dr Rosenberg was able to give us a Saturday appointment and took care of the problem beautifully He was patient with his time and very effective."


"Dr Rosenberg is a wonderful, caring physician who is genuinely focused on the "root" of many problems -- your feet! He did a great job with my son, who is an athlete, and we ordered his arch product for his feet which have helped tremendously. I would recommend him to anyone!!"


"I broke my foot falling down stairs in my home. Not a good thing. And to make matters worse, it happened just 2 months before I was leaving on a European vacation. I was really upset! I went to see Dr. Rosenberg who gave me the bad news that it was broken - but I am so thankful that I found him. He said that although it was broken, I didn't need surgery and that a walking air boot, along with other therapies, would allow me to heal. (I often wonder if another doctor may have told me that I needed surgery or a cast and I would have unknowingly gone along with that.) He was so knowledgeable, honest and compassionate, and with a combination of traditional and homeopathic remedies, both in the office and at home, I was easily healed before my vacation started. I pounded the pavements all over Italy and never once really gave my foot a thought. I was able to wear all my shoes (even some heals) and felt no pain. Months later I have absolutely no lingering effects and it is a distant memory. I highly recommend Dr. Rosenberg to anyone who has a foot problem. He helped me so much and he's really nice guy, too!"

Julie G

"My entire family goes to Dr. Rosenberg as he has made it simple and affordable to be well taken care of. He is flexible to make sure you can schedule appointments that work well in your busy life. Dr. Rosenberg never skimps on time/attention and makes sure that any patient is well taken care of. I have recommended Dr. Rosenberg to friends and family and they all have been very happy."

Steve M

"Dr Rosenberg is very knowledgeable and has the best bed side manners for each and every patient. I would highly recommend Dr. Rosenberg for any of your foot care needs."

Melissa B

"Steve has been my podiatrist for many years and has always handled my foot concerns with care. He's very conscientious and a great podiatrist."


"Dr. Steve is wonderful! Very caring and considerate. I've seen him numerous times for custom orthotics which I wear every day. Also for therapy treatments when suffering from various pains and plantar fasciitis. I also love his Instant Arches and wear them in my flats that have no arch support. Highly recommend Dr. Steve for any foot problems!"

Jill Brown

"Dr. Steven is a damn good foot doctor. Helped me get back on the baseball field a number of times when my feet were disputing me. Much appreciated!"

Ted T

"Steve Rosenberg was referred to me my another doctor, Fred Lerner who is a good friend. Fred has never steered me wrong. He said and I have seen that Steve Rosenberg is THE doctor to go to for anything with your feet. Steve is a great guy and a man of integrity too. I recommend him without any reservation! Go see Dr Steve!!!"

John O

"Dr. Steven Rosenberg is an excellent Podiatrist, I would recommend him to any anyone who needs great foot care."


"I can recommend Dr. Rosenberg without hesitation. He is as good as it gets. Often I am frustrated when dealing with medical issues--but never when it comes to dealing with Dr. Rosenberg. He treats all his patients (my entire family goes to him for care) with expertise and never skimps on time or effort. He is generous with his pricing and accomodating with any schedule. A patient really can's ask for anything more. He is the only Podiatrist my family will ever need."

Steve M

"Dr. Steven Rosenberg is the only Podiatrist that I refer patients to. His skill level, rapport with patients and knowledge are excellent. I highly recommend his services.

Dr. Jason Kelberman,D.C."

"Dr. Steven has literally saved my life more than once!! His care after foot surgery elsewhere (am out of his regular service area) gave me back my ability to walk for healthy living and enabled me to lose the weight I had gained after surgery. His creative foot products have also been a huge help on an ongoing basis!!!"

Florence W

"I have a long relationship with Dr. Steven. He is not only my podiatrist but I've also worked with him on his marketing and media work for the fine products he has developed. He is the kind of professional who makes work easy and he certainly is my doctor."

Alan M

"Dr. Steven Rosenberg has been my podiatrist for almost 20 years and he has also treated members of my family. I have found him to be an excellent podiatrist providing superb service and results. I strongly recommend him to anyone needing his care."

Stan M

"Steven is a wonderful person whom I've enjoyed knowing for many years. His professionalism and follow through are impeccable and he is a very knowledgeable gentleman with the highest integrity. If he says he is going to do something you can count on it getting done right."

Susan P

"Dr. Rosenberg has been our family foot specialist for many years. He is simply the best there is."

J. C.

"Dr. Steven is a uniquely effective podiatrist and creator of products for healthier feet. I have interviewed him several times for my health books, on the topic of foot problems, and always find his recommendations and resources invaluable for my readers."

Bill G

"'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step...so better to see Dr Rosenberg before than after."

Brian Connors

"Dear Dr. Rosenberg, Dr. Rosenberg, minutes ago I returned from a 30 minute walk. It was comfortable and I felt no lower back pain. I am grateful for the help you provided in jump starting my exercise regimen. Thank you for the orthodics. I can best sum up my sentiments by telling you that in my mind, the theme from Rocky 1 is blaring.


"Dear Dr. Rosenberg, I'm running another marathon and training for an Ultra 63.1-mile run. Thanks to my custom orthotics you made me, I'm not having any more problems.
Thank You!!"


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