Dr. Steven Rosenberg - Foot Care

Heel Pain / Heel Spurs / Plantar Fascitis

Heel pain, heel spurs and plantar fascitis are common problem in the foot and affects patients both young and old. This type of foot problem is commonly seen with people who have flat feet. They are brought on by having an excessive amount of abnormal pronation in the joints of the foot. When the arch of your foot collapses, there is an abnormal amount of stress placed in the arch of your foot.The plantar fascia begins to microscopically pull the tissue surrounding the heel bone away from its attachment and that causes pain with each step, overtime a bone spur may form on the heel bone. Initially you feel the pain when you first get up in the morning and it is often times very sharp in nature. It may take a few hours for that tissue to stretch out a bit for the pain to subside. This is known as plantar fascitis which is an inflammation of that tissue attached to the heel bone. The arch pain is felt along the inside part of the arch area from heel to toe.

Plantar Fascitis can also develop through repetitive overuse activities such as running, dancing and walking for exercise. Personal trainers can also experience this problem as well because of the many hours they work training there clients.

That same type of problem can lead to the development of a heel spur which is a calcified material that forms on the heel bone. That area can become extremely painful with each step you take day or night. It can be diagnosed by x-rays of your foot.

The treatment for these heel problems are injection therapy, electrical current therapy, ice therapy, oral medication and custom made orthotics. These heel problems hardly ever need surgical correction.

Being proactive and seeking medical attention quickly for this problem can prevent chronic heel and arch problems.