Dr. Steven Rosenberg - Foot Care

Ankle Pain Due to a Sprain or Traumatic Injury

Ankle injuries are very common today and can lead to chronic problems if not treated properly. Ankle pain can be the by product of trauma such as a sprained ankle while playing sports, a twist when just walking or a traumatic injury as a result of a fall. The injury can affect the soft tissue that surrounds the ankle joint such as the ligaments, capsule, tendons or the bone itself. The result of the injury can lead to swelling initially and pain. If the injury is not treated quickly and properly it could lead to chronic ankle instability, residual swelling and chronic pain.

The treatment for these types of injuries involve x-rays and sometimes an MRI to first rule out a fracture from a soft tissue injury. Injection therapy using homeopathic remedies such as Traumeel or Lymphomyosot to reduce the initial pain and swelling. These remedies can also be taken orally in place of Advil or other types of non-steroidal ant-inflammatory medications or in conjunction with them.

Electrical current therapy is also part of the treatment process using the most advanced technology available such as cold lasers and interferential current. If the injury is acute and swollen a soft supportive compression wrap is placed on the injured area to reduce the initial swelling. A removable walking cast may also be given depending on the severity of the injury. If the ankle is broken it may need surgical correction and a walking cast as well.

When using this safe and aggressive therapy patients respond extremely well and are back to there normal daily activity much more quickly then they originally anticipated.

The key to getting back on your feet as quickly as possible after an injury is being proactive and not wait until the initial problem now becomes chronic.