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Foot Assessments
Biomechanical analysis

Foot Care
Corns and calluses
Diabetic foot problems
Flat feet
Routine foot care

Children's Foot Care
Ingrown toe nails
Flat feet

Injection Therapy
For all bone and soft tissue injuries

Foot Surgery
Bunions (bunionectomy)
Hammertoes (crooked toes)
Heel and bone spurs
Neuroma surgery

Laser Surgical Treatment
Ingrown & fungus toe nails

Physical Therapy and Treatment
Ankle sprains and shin splints
Arch and heel pains
Foot and ankle injuries
Plantar fascicis


  • Pain management using the most advanced non surgical technology available today. Laser therapy, electrical current therapy and injection therapy.
  • Homeopathic medical solutions to solve your foot problems. Homeopathic injections and homeopathic supplements to treat all soft tissue injuries and fractures.
  • Sports medicine and physical therapy for running, dance, and all exercise related soft tissue such as plantar fasciatis, tendonitis, muscle problems and bone injuries... using the most advanced technology available today including electrical stimulation therapy and custom orthotics (i.e. interferential and laser current)
  • Custom fit orthotics for all activities and shoe styles
    Men, Women and Children
  • Shoe insoles and Instant Arches by Dr. Rosenberg (arch supports, uniquely designed comfort insoles, for pain relief insoles)
  • Foot, ingrown toe nail surgery
  • Non surgical treatment for nail fungus
  • Legal: Attorneys Looking For Medical Expert Witness For Defense Cases
  • Electrical current therapy treatments for ankle sprains and injuries, tendonitis and ankle swelling (see images below).
electrical current therapy treatments for ankle sprains and injuries, tendonitis and ankle swelling

Dr. Rosenberg makes custom made orthotics for all footwear and for fashion footwear uses Dr. Roenberg's Instant Arches®

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