Dr. Steven Rosenberg - Foot Care

Podiatrist Brentwood, CA

Podiatrist, Dr. Steven L. Rosenberg, is an Expert Foot Doctor Specialist & Podiatrist near me in Brentwood, California and has been in practice for over 33 years. He uses the latest proven technology available to solve patients foot care needs. Dr. Rosenberg personally treats every patient and will spend as much time as needed to make sure all their questions are asked and answered. If X-Rays are needed they will be taken. He will explain what your problem is and initiate treatment that day to solve your foot problems.

His office is located adjacent to Brentwood, California and services patients from infants to adults. Same day appointments are available. A podiatrist treats all different types of foot, ankle, leg, toe and toenail problems. Dr. Rosenberg specializes in treating ankle, foot and toe pain. He also specializes in eliminating plantar warts on the foot using nonsurgical techniques, toenail fungus and ingrown toenail pain. Patients that have foot pain complain of bunion and joint problems which can be treated nonsurgical. Orthotic therapy, making custom orthotics by Dr. Rosenberg is the best way to slow the bunion development and can often times eliminate pain associated with the problem. Orthotics can also help patients who are athletes, weekend warriors, non-athletic people, women who wear high heels people in sales, kids who are athletic and complain of foot and arch pain.

Orthotics are the perfect solution to help create better balance in kids playing sports such as tennis, golf, running track, playing soccer, basketball, football, softball and baseball. They can actually help improve their performance. Orthotics will also help people with foot pain in the ball of the foot, foot pain in the heel area; plantar fasciitis in the arch of the foot and low back pain. Patients that have ankle pain usually by spraining or twisting their ankle can be treated with injection therapy, laser and electrical current therapy as well as support and compression wraps.

Dr. Rosenberg also uses in his podiatry practice homeopathic remedies to help solve patient’s foot pain. These types of treatments can be injected, applied topically or taken orally. He combines both traditional and non-traditional treatments to make your problems better.

He also invented a women’s arch insole product, called Instant Arches® that will fit in all types and styles of women’s shoes and sandals. These products will also fit in shoes from pre-teens to adults. He recommends bring all your uncomfortable shoes that you want to wear but cannot because they hurt when worn.