Dr. Steven Rosenberg - Foot Care

Podiatrist Beverly Hills, CA

Podiatrist, Dr. Steven L. Rosenberg, is an Expert Foot Doctor Specialist & Podiatrist near me in Beverly Hills, CA, located in Santa Monica, California, serving Beverly Hills and the Westside is a foot pain specialist for all ages for over 33 years. Dr. Rosenberg uses electrical current therapy, laser therapy, injection therapy, homeopathic medical solutions and orthotics to solve his patient’s foot pain problems. Patients that suffer from ingrown toenail problems can be treated with very simple and straight forward procedures. Patients who suffer from toenail fungus problems will be treated with topical solutions to help restore their nails.

Every patient will always have as much time as needed to make sure all their questions are asked. All questions will be answered with explanations that are easily understood. Treatment for those foot pain problems will be initiated the same day. Dr. Rosenberg accepts same day appointments.

Foot pain can manifest itself in the muscles and tendons of the toes, feet and legs. It can come from trauma causing pain and swelling in the affected area or from overuse due to too much too soon to quickly while exercising such as running, dancing or excessive walking.

Whether you have foot pain or ankle pain from ankle sprains, foot sprains, foot fractures, heel spurs or plantar fasciitis they are all treatable with excellent results. Sports related injuries are usually due to repetitive overuse of performing one exercise activity which causes muscle fatigue resulting in micro trauma and foot pain.

Dr. Rosenberg also specializes in treating dermatological problems of the foot such as plantar warts, corns, calluses, ingrown toenails and fungus nail problems. Using in office surgical techniques ingrown toenail pain can be treated and permanently resolved. Foot pain also can occur with bunion problems causing joint pain which can be treated nonsurgical using orthotics and injection therapy. Custom made orthotics will help reduce foot pain from flat feet, bunion pain in the joints of the foot, heel pain and leg pain; shin splints. Making an orthotic for kids of all ages are the perfect solution for those who complain of foot pain, arch pain or have flat feet.

Orthotics create better balance in all sports such as tennis, golf, running track, playing soccer, basketball, football, softball and baseball. They can actually help improve their performance. Orthotics will also help prevent foot pain and back pain from flat feet.

Dr. Rosenberg combines traditional and non-traditional medical treatments to give patients many options to solve their foot pain.

Dr. Rosenberg is an entrepreneur developing an arch product, called Instant Arches® that will fit in all types and styles of women’s fashion footwear and open sandals. These arch products can be found at www.instantarches.com. They perform CPR for the shoes in your closet that are uncomfortable, these arch products will bring them back to life.