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Dr. Steven RosenbergDr. Steven Rosenberg has been in private practice as a podiatrist for more than 29 years. He treats foot and ankle problems for infants, children, and adults.

An LA Marathon Race Doctor for 18 years, he brings years of experience & a blend of many therapeutic treatment modalities to help solve patients' foot and ankle problems. Welcoming same day appointments & no wait to be seen.

Sports, exercise & dance medicine including...

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The Threes in Comfort: Standing, Sitting and Sleeping
March 18, 2016

In a 24-hour period we are either standing, sleeping or standing and if our bodies are not supported properly while in each of these positions eventually it could lead to chronic pain. The areas that are the most affected in our bodies are the neck, back, hips, legs and feet. read post >

The Secret to Bringing Your Dead Pairs of Shoes Back to Life
February 17, 2016

It's a new year, one month down and every woman has their new year's resolutions embedded in their minds as to what they will to do to improve from last year. The list is endless eat healthier, make more money and start a new exercise program, are just a few of the goals probably on their, to do list. However, buying or wearing more sensible shoes is probably not on anybody's list. read post >

Let Your Shoes Make the Fashion Statement This Holiday Season! A Holiday Guide to Keep Your Feet Happy in Shoes in 2016
December 1, 2015

It is that time of year for holiday parties, shopping and traveling to see family and party with friends. This holiday season will require plenty of evenings where you have to dress to impress and let your shoes make the fashion statement. There will be hours of standing, walking and dancing which can affect your legs and feet and tire you out by the end of the night. read post >

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Dr Rosenberg is one of the last remaining "rare breed" of doctors that no only knows his craft, but works hard to find the BEST solution for all of his patients. Not only does he listen and come up with the solution, but he follows up to make sure that his patients are happy with the solution and are following through with their treatments. My feet have not been happier!

-Michelle K

"Dr. Rosenberg is the best! I was dreading going to the dr. as I had an ingrown nail that hurt when I barely touched it. I was concerned the treatment would be painful. However, Dr. Rosenberg easily fixed it with no pain and only the tiniest bit of discomfort. After 6 weeks of on and off pain, what a relief! Highly recommend especially if your pain tolerance is low like mine."

Michelle R

"Dr. Steven Rosenberg is the only Podiatrist that I refer patients to. His skill level, rapport with patients and knowledge are excellent. I highly recommend his services."

Dr. Jason Kelberman,D.C.

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